Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Can I just say-I LOVE Christmas! All of the lights, trees, songs-okay not so much ALL the songs…it's okay to play SOME songs that aren't Christmas! :)

But for real-I LOVE Christmas! This past week we went to our local college for "Christmas on the Hill" and I must say-it was so fun! They had real reindeer, Santa, a blow up pool of fake snow (remember we are in Georgia and RARELY see snow!)!! I also have to tell you that this is the FIRST year that Emma Lou has wanted to see Santa. She actually walked up to him BY HERSELF and sat in his lap!

Here are pictures of Christmas Past:                                             

Here is this year's picture:

I mean look at the difference! Is it bad that I am a little sad she didn't cry this year?!?! And my little wild man Ezra wasn't so sure about Santa.

This is the pool of fake snow! I know-it looks so weird-I almost was afraid to let them in to play. But I must say-they had a BLAST and didn't want to leave!

By the way-I promise Ezra does smile!! :)

Speaking of Christmas and the LOVE I have for it-I just posted my Polar Express Unit! My sister, Kathryn Willis at The Tales of a Working Mom, and I worked together on this product and it is perfect for your holiday Polar Express Celebration! My unit is more for grades 1-2 and Katie's is more for grades 3-5.  I am going to put my unit for free until Sunday night! Merry Christmas and Enjoy!! 

There are spelling and vocabulary words, math activities and pages, literacy activity and pages, PLUS a Train Craftivity! 

I have also posted a super fun Letter to Santa and craftivity! My students have had the BEST time doing this. My sweet kiddos have a very difficult time knowing how to organize their thoughts to put them on paper. And paragraphs? Don't even get me started on that! It is so hard for them to understand!  Using the prewriting sheet in this activity is a great way to show the concept of putting a paragraph together. 

Before I sign off for the night, I need to tell you that I have just finished the first Georgia Historical Figures from my Second Grade Georgia Historical Figures Unit and my kids have LOVED it! And I need to give a HUGE shootout to Lauren Thompson and her AWESOME clip art skills!! I cannot begin to tell you how much of her clip art I use for my products-she is incredible!! 

Well that is it for tonight! Thank you for stopping by!!! 


  1. Hi Suzie!
    I love your blog design! So colorful and inviting! The "cooking" theme is too cute! Christmas is my favorite holiday too, but I am SO behind in my shopping and decorating! I blame it on the time I've invested in getting my tPt store up and running! I've got a whopping 12 products there now--3 free and 9 for sale! Woo hoo!

    I've decided to take a bit of break until winter vacation, but will continue to blog and keep up my Facebook page to build a following. Maybe both pursuits will build January sales? We will see!

    It is nice to have a new blogging "friend!"

    Keep calm and teach on!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! Tessa Maguire designed my blog and I LOVE it! I think she did a fantastic job! I am so excited for your new store-I checked it out AND downloaded your product and it is awesome!! My kiddos are going to really enjoy the activities!

    What is your facebook name-I will definitely add you as a friend and start following you there too! I am trying to get a facebook page for my store up and running soon. Do you have many followers?

    Thank you again for stopping by!!

    ♥ Suzie

  3. Ha! I love the Santa pictures! Great post!