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Hey y'all! My name is Suzie Cook and I am a 2nd grade teacher who LOVES to teach AND to cook (among many other things)! I graduated in December of 2006 and started my first teaching job in February of 2007…which by the way I was super thankful for because I was getting married in June and my husband was STILL in school! I taught third grade for two years, kindergarten for 4 years, and am now in my first year of second grade…and I must say I AM IN LOVE!

This is my beautiful family! My husband-who is an elementary teacher and high school girls soccer coach- and I have been married for almost 7 years! We have two WILD, fun loving children-Emma Lou and Ezra.

I also have a CRAZY family who are ALL teachers-My mom has been teaching for almost 30 years who is an amazing mentor! My dad, who started teaching as his second career, and I started teaching THE SAME YEAR-and he says I am going to retire before him! :) My awesome sister and brother-in-law, Katie Willis-follow her blog here and her husband Jason are both teachers in our county as well. I know-we are CRAZY! Between the 6 of us, I feel like everyone in our system has had at least one of us!! I also have a brother who is a pastor (so basically a teacher, right?!) and his wife, Jessica. Jessica taught kindergarten up until this year-and let me tell you-she was AMAZING! I visited her classroom a couple of times and was super impressed! They have both felt the Lord calling them to move to Haiti to start an orphanage-I know-it's really incredible. You can find their story here!
By the way-we did a little photoshop of the kids in the orphanage, my sister's kids, and our kids so that my parents could have one picture with ALL of their grandkids!

I am also very blessed because my husband's family is pretty awesome as well! My father-in-law will retire soon as a teacher and his beautiful bride retired as a high school teacher the year my husband and I started dating. Rusty has two sisters-Misty and Mandy. Misty is-you guessed it-a teacher! Mandy however, missed the calling but she is still a pretty cool pharmacist! Misty is married to Ian and they have FIVE boys. Mandy is married to Michael and they have FIVE boys. Yes-you read that right-they each have FIVE of the most handsome, well mannered boys! 

I have started this blog so that I can share a little bit about my teaching and the workings of my classroom. I feel that the more we share-the better we become! I know that I have learned SO much from following other teachers and reading about the workings of their classroom! I hope you enjoy!

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